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1 Karen Horney
1.1 Rather than sexuality, Personality development is about relationships with others.
1.2 Focused on neuroticism and the 10 neurotic needs; can be classed into three broad categories (to be wanted, helped, accepted) - moving 1) towards 2) against and 3) away from
1.3 Social and cultural factors affect personality
2 Alfred Adler
2.1 Disagreed with Freud
2.2 Personality DOESN'T consist of competing and conflicting sources.
2.3 Stressed the importance of INDIVIDUAL psychology (individual differences)
2.4 Importance of SOCIAL CONTEXT
2.5 Interested in birth-order
3.1 Disagreed with Freud about role of sexuality
3.2 As well as a personal conscious EGO, we have a COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS -> ARCHETYPES
3.3 First introduced the concept of INTROVERT and EXTROVERT
3.4 All of the 'Yin-Yang' concepts (Sensing-Intuition, Extro-Intro)
4 Myers-Briggs
4.1 Strongly influenced by Jung's ARCHETYPES
4.2 Developed these ideas further
5 Erik Erikson
5.1 Personality develops throughout life
5.2 Shifted emphasis from ID to EGO (i.e: from Biological & Instincts to Conscious & Rational)
5.3 8 stages of development - people navigate through life resolving a variety of conflicts (specific to each stage, due to societal expectations)
5.3.1 Stage 1; Trust vs Mistrust - 0 to 1 year olds
5.3.2 Stage 2; Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt - Early Childhood
5.3.3 Stage 3; Initiative vs Guilt - Preschool years
5.3.4 Stage 4; Industry vs Inferiority - 5 to 11 years old
5.3.5 Stage 5; Identity vs Confusion - Adolescense
5.3.6 Stage 6; Intimacy vs Isolation - Early Adulthood
5.3.7 Stage 7; Generativity vs Stagnation - Adulthood
5.3.8 Stage 8; Integrity vs Despair - Old Age
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