Conflict of war

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Mindmap of kamikaze, Exposure, Remains, The charge of the light brigade and Bayonet charge

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Conflict of war
1 The Charge of the Light Brigade
1.1 Abuse of power
1.1.1 "Forward Light Brigade"
1.1.2 "Theirs not to make reply"
1.1.3 "Jaws of death"
1.2 Death
1.2.1 "but to do and die" They're dead following orders Juxtaposition of life and death
1.2.2 "Valley of death"
1.2.3 "mouth of Hell" Riding into death Religious connotations metaphor foreshadowing
1.3 Structure
1.3.1 The rhythm imitates horses galloping
1.3.2 A partial rhyme scheme shows partial control
2 Exposure
2.1 Structure
2.1.1 First person plural/narrative
2.2 Repition
2.2.1 "But nothing happens" Used throughout the poem to suggest nothing has changed No hope
2.3 Nature
2.3.1 "All their eyes are ice" Vivid imagery Metaphor for the soldier's internal decease
2.3.2 "merciless iced" Nature has been personified to be cruel Pathetic Fallacy
3 Bayonet Charge
3.1 Structure
3.1.1 Enjambement No time to pause Chaos Its a never ending fast face life
3.2 Declarative sentences
3.2.1 "King, honour, human dignity, etcetera" Reasons to fight Repeatedly told this - WWII propaganda Letting go of the idealistic reasons for war
3.2.2 "Dropped like luxuries in a yelling alarm" Simile panic and danger unexpected
4 Remains
4.1 Structure
4.1.1 Enjambement
4.1.2 First person narrative
4.2 Mixed emotions
4.2.1 "Probably armed, possibly armed" Repitition of disbelief Uncertainty Its a blur
4.2.2 "sort of inside out" Colloquial language - lack of formality Overkill - repeatedly shot Violent imagery
5 Kamikaze
5.1 Structure
5.1.1 Third person narrative / two narrators and in the past tense Creates distance Supporting the theme of being shunned We are reading suppositions as no one spoke to the pilot
5.2 Complex verbs
5.2.1 "which had been the better way to die" Creates a huge distance between her and the realisation of the reality ofher father's life Wondering if dying as a pilot would be better than dying alone
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