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History GCSE- Changes in Society 1880-1914


A mindmap containing how Kaiser Wilhelm II's Germany slowly changed to oppose him and his attempts to suppress it using Social Reforms as well as trying to make Germany a global superpower with his Weltpolitik
Nathan Chan
Mind Map by Nathan Chan, updated more than 1 year ago
Nathan Chan
Created by Nathan Chan over 4 years ago

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History GCSE- Changes in Society 1880-1914
  1. Industrialisation
    1. 1880-1890
      1. Urban population growing
        1. 60% population live in cities (1910)
          1. Berlin population doubled
          2. More Problems
            1. Workers want better living/working conditions
              1. Felt Exploited
                1. Socialism Increase
                  1. Uneven Wealth distribution
                  2. Immigration from East Europe
                  3. Matched Britain coal production, and better iron, steel production (WWI)
                    1. Germany were world leaders in Chemical, Electronic and Automobile Industries
                      1. Creation of railways, trains, ships
                      2. Landowners, Businesses, Factory Owners Benefited
                      3. Socialist Threat
                        1. Wealthy Elites feel threatened
                          1. Social Reforms


                            1. Reduce support for SPD, keep workers loyal to the state
                          2. Trade Union Growth
                            1. Workers want change
                            2. Social Democratic Party of Germany
                              1. Socialism
                                1. Limited Help from Kaiser, workers turned to SPD
                                  1. Won the most votes (1890+)
                                    1. 1893- 44 seats
                                      1. 1901- 81 seats
                                        1. Kaiser change constitution and block them from Reichstag
                                          1. Autocratic- unpopular
                                        2. Won the most seats (1912)
                                          1. Kaiser under pressure- stop SPD involvement in the Reichstag
                                          2. Voted against the Kaiser
                                        3. Prussian Military
                                          1. German Foreign Policy- expansion
                                            1. Weltpolitik (1897)
                                              1. Naval Laws
                                                1. 1898-1914
                                                  1. Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz
                                              2. Distraction from democratic problems
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