Causes of the Kett's rebellion (1549)

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Causes of the Kett's rebellion (1549)
1 Social
1.1 class antagonism
1.1.1 Andy Wood- 'a particular sharpness in social conflict'
1.2 hatred of local government officials
1.3 annoyance that Somerset didn't keep his promises
1.4 release of pent-up frustrations about maladministration locally of the Howards
2 Political
2.1 class antagonism of those in high positions
2.2 increasing dislike of Somerset's policies
2.2.1 lack of consistency not keeping promises
3 Economic
3.1 resentment of landowner abuse of Norfolk Foldcourse system
3.2 Somerset didn't keep promise
3.2.1 promise of reform- proclaimed against enclosures in April people still facing economic hardship
3.3 increase in rents
3.3.1 rack-renting was seen as a way in which unscrupulous landlords passed the increased costs onto the peasantry
4 Religious
4.1 Kett vs Flowerdew
4.1.1 partially over enclosures
4.1.2 dispute over an abbey Flowerdew had brought, as he wanted to tear it down, while the people believed they owned it
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