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History Exam
1 Causes of the civil war?


  • English civil war King at the time was Charles 1st
1.1 Politics
1.1.1 Parlement only gave Charles Customs Duites for one year


  • Customs Duites is when parlement gives money for a serton emount of time the king ecnored parlement and took customs duites for life the king started making forced loans he put people in prison if they dont pay Parement made him sighn the Petiton of right


  • he cant fource loans on people
1.1.2 In 1629 he began a piriod of persnal rule 1634 ship money introduced many ferd it was becoming a tax
1.1.3 beleved in the devine right of kings
1.2 Money
1.2.1 he had many money problems
1.3 Religion
1.3.1 In 1630 Charles1st and Archbishop Laud make changes to the church They change the lay out of churches introdused a new praybook to much like the old church upset Purtons was a riot at a scotish Church Most Scots are Purtons War with Scotland
1.3.2 he and his father bleved that they were choson by god
1.3.3 was marred HenriettaMarie She was catholic people thint he was incorging he to be catholick
2 Who was Oliver Cronwell?
2.1 roundhead
2.2 parliamentarian
2.3 Who was he?
2.3.1 lord protecter from 1653-58
2.3.2 leader of the new model army
3 What was the restoration?
3.1 later the Stuarts came back to the thrown
4 what was the Glorious revolution?
4.1 the monark must remane prodstnt
4.2 James was forced to Abdecate by the govermnt
5 what was tht acted of union in 1707
5.1 no monarck can marre a catholick and be king
5.2 the Scots and england where united under one parlement
6 Explain why Bonnie prince Charlie lost at the battle of Culloden
6.1 Leadership
6.1.1 Prince Bonnie held his men for two long
6.1.2 he faild to lisen to the advice given to him
6.1.3 the enermy were not scerd of the atacts
6.2 army was poorly resorsts
6.2.1 there army was beter fed and had beter armer
6.2.2 also had more diserplin didnt have the french they hoped for
6.3 lack of men
6.3.1 they were gratly outnumberd Boonie was a bad leader leed them to there deth
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