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this is about Ancient Mesopotamia and its agriculture, writing, inventions, laws etc

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1 what was mesopotamia?
1.1 land between 2 rivers
1.2 settled down with agriculture
1.2.1 in the fertile crescent made by Danica 7H
1.3 a civilisation
2 agriculture development
2.1 discovered crops and edible plants
2.1.1 learnt to farm and spread it
3 changes from agriculture
3.1 steady oncoming if food
3.2 settling
3.2.1 building
3.2.2 making laws a civilisation
3.2.3 jobs and status
4 religion
4.1 each city had a patron god
4.1.1 residents found their god most important eg: marduk was patron of urduk
5 writing
5.1 with stylus
5.1.1 made of reed
6 daily life
6.1 not everyone got an education
7 Hammurabi code
7.1 laws
7.1.1 eg: an eye for an eye
7.2 written on tablet
8 inventions
8.1 the wheel
8.2 farming
8.3 hammer
8.4 laws
8.5 irrigation

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