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My History
1 Thomas Becket
1.1 1) 1154 Henry 2nd appionted thomas becket as chanseler
1.1.1 2) Henry & Thomas became best friends and did activites together 3)Henry wanted to get rid of the church courts and start his own 4) Henry wants Thomas Becket as Bishop 5) Thomas says NO 6) he became a bishop and belived in God very much 7) Thomas became very angry and sailed to france 8) Henry appoints the Arch Bishop of York as the chanseler Thomas hears this and he gets angry 9)Henry and thomas patch up the arguement and come back to England by boat
1.2 10) Thomas comes back and cuts off the people who were on Henry side whilst he was in France
1.2.1 11) Henry doesn't know what to do about Thomas and he says when he thinks no one is there but there were knights on the other side of the wall 12) Thomas was preying to god and the knights came behind him and killed him until he was dead. When Henry heard about the death he was annoyed and got people to whip him
2 Black Death
2.1 Causes
2.1.1 jews/bad smells/bad air
2.1.2 movements of planets/God/other countries and places
2.2 Symptoms
2.2.1 swellings appear in: armpits/legs/neck/groins
2.2.2 swelling grow as large as a apple/eggg
2.3 Prevention
2.3.1 don't go to other countries or places spread easily
2.3.2 no sewers are open keep streets clean
2.4 How to help
2.4.1 don't go close to a house cause BD can spread quickly
2.4.2 paint red cross on door to tell other people to stay away
2.5 Cures
2.5.1 put to bed/washed vinegar & rose water/ swelling cut open
2.5.2 swelling cut open/place live hen next to swelling/drink glass of own urine 2wice a day
2.6 Extra Information
2.6.1 people believed that BD had been sent from god as a punishment
2.6.2 people whipped themselves so they would have better chance of going to heaven

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