Science and Technology in Medicine

Dan Bacon
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Dan Bacon
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GCSE History Mind Map on Science and Technology in Medicine, created by Dan Bacon on 04/27/2018.

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Science and Technology in Medicine
  1. The scientific revolution as a result of the Renaissance
    1. Establishment of the Royal Society to discuss scientific knowledge
    2. The work of William Harvey
      1. The development of microscopes from 1700s onward
      2. Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory 1861
        1. Robert Koch applying this to humans
          1. Development of magic bullets and penicillin
            1. Drug use in modern medicine
        2. Discovery of X-Rays in 1895
          1. Use of X-Ray machines in WW1
            1. Modern development of CAT and MRI scans
          2. Improvements in surgery
            1. Lister
              1. Snow and the chloroform inhaler
                1. Modern aseptic surgery
                  1. Transplant surgery
                  2. Discovery of DNA in 1953
                    1. Possibility of genetic engineering in the future
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