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1 Animal cells
1.1 Nucleus - contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell
1.2 Cytoplasm - gel-like substance where most of the chemical reactions happen. It contains enzymes that control these chemical reactions.
1.3 Cell membrane - holds the cell together and controls what goes in and out of the cell
1.4 Mitochondria - these are where most of the reactions for respiration take place. Respiration releases energy that the cells need to work.
1.5 Ribosomes - these are where proteins are made in the cell.
2 Plant cells
2.1 Plant cells normally contain all the bits Animal cells do plus a few extra.
2.2 Cell wall - made of cellulose. It supports the cell and strengthens it.
2.3 Permanent vacuole - contains cells sap, a week solution of sugar and salts.
2.4 Chloroplast - these are where photosynthesis occurs, which makes food for the plant. They contain s green substance called chlorophyll.
3 Yeast cell
3.1 Yeast is a microorganism.
3.2 A yeast cell has a nucleus, cytoplasm and a cell membrane surrounded by a cell wall.
4 Bacterial cells
4.1 Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms
4.2 A bacterial cell has a cytoplasm and a cell membrane surrounded by a cell wall.
4.3 The genetic material floats in the cytoplasm because bacterial cells dont have a nucleus.
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