Medieval Medicine

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Medieval Medicine
1 Old Treatments
1.1 Examining the eyes
1.2 Bleeding was commonly treated using old methods such as bleeding cups
1.3 Clinical Observation
1.4 Charms hung from the neck relieved tooth pain- believing in the supernatural
2 Against Doctors
2.1 They learn their art at the expense of our lives
2.2 People often argued ancients like Galen
2.3 There could be no greater error than this - Chirurgia Magna Book
2.4 They gamble with our lives
3 Irrational
3.1 Astrology played a part in medieval medicine. Training doctors had to be taught the basics of astrology when training
3.2 Treatments were based on spiritual world view
3.3 Supernatural beings went hand in hand with clinical observation
3.4 Someone cured scrofula (skin disease) by touching it with his hand
4 Education
4.1 Women couldn't go to university although they carried out most everyday medical care in towns
4.2 A new code of behaviour was made: willing to learn, sober, modest, charming, hardworking and intelligient
4.3 Learning and teaching was based around the works of Greek physicians such as Hippocrates
4.4 People were 14 or 15 when they started university. Uni opened at 5 or 6 oclock in the morning
5 New Advancements
5.1 New tools were made
5.2 Anaesthetic sponges for making patients going to sleep
5.3 Treatment for small pox and measles started becoming developed
5.4 Humours now led to temper and organs
5.5 Vein patterns were developed
5.6 Herbs were associated in treating the four humours
5.7 Urine was examined, and a chart was made for urine colour
5.8 Drinks were made to put men to sleep for operations
5.9 Wounds were now able to be confidently treated
5.10 ple were given medicine
5.11 Pharmacy shops were opened
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