Munich Putsch

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Cambridge IGCSE History (General Revision) Mind Map on Munich Putsch, created by Alice M on 06/25/2013.

Alice M
Created by Alice M over 6 years ago
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Munich Putsch
1 8-9 November 1923
2 Hitler plotted with Kahr and Lossow who were Nationalist politicians
2.1 On 4 October 1923 Kahr and Lossow backed out
3 On 8 November 1923 Hitler and 600 members of the SA invaded a meeting of Kahr and Lossow at a beer hall in Munich and threatened them with a gun to agree to rebel
3.1 The SA then took over army headquarters and the local newspaper office
3.2 The next day-9 November-they marched into Munich to take power
3.2.1 But Kahr had already called in police and army reinforcements and they killed 16 Nazis
4 Hitler fled but was arrested 2 days later
5 Hitler tried to take advantage of the crisis facing the Weimar Government but he was disorganised and so it wasn't not successful

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