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Sources-working homework
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1.1 The men in this photo all look like they have had to work very had all day, most of them are wearing the same style of clothing and the all look similar. Most of them look middle in age, there are not an young people, they are probally at school or the workhouse.
1.2 It looks well made and sturdy, most people in the cities would have small pushed together houses, this one looks spacious and well spread out.It looks well kept, whilst houses in london would look run-down and would not be kept well as people didnt have enough oney. In some cases they would be living on the streets.
1.3 Yes, because it was made to help the men get back in to regular work, this happened the men managed to make money for themselves and there families.
1.4 Yes i think anyone who got work from this was a success. The scheme was made mostly to help decrease the amount of unemployed people as it became more aware that skilled people couldn't get work. I think it help to begin to takel unemployment.
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