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1 Hippocratic oath
1.1 gave people confidence in doctors
1.2 could make doctors more affordable
1.3 stop doctors exploiting people
2 The four humours
2.1 Body was made up of blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm
2.2 liquids needed to be balanced for person to be healthy
2.3 an imbalance of a humour made you ill
2.4 No one questioned theory
2.4.1 no other ideas available people understood the theory
3 "Doctors should look for natural treatments instead of praying"
3.1 People had a better chance of getting well
3.2 Doctors tried to do something about their condition
4 Rest, good excercise, balanced diet
4.1 realised the importance of this
4.2 people would become fitter and healthier
4.3 people would become responsible for own health
5 Hippocratic collection
5.1 books
5.2 doctors could look at the books and find treatments for patients
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