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Year 12 History (Topic 3: Revolutions and Turmoil: the Russian Revolution) Mind Map on RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, created by Emily Faul on 10/06/2014.

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1.1 Political
1.1.1 Discontent with the Tsar 1905 Revolution brought forward Tsar Nicholas' "October Manifesto" This meant that he would share government with a so called "duma". The positive reforms of the "duma" were useless due to the Tsar's rule of 'divine right'. Because of 'divine right', the Tsar could dissolve any duma he did not see fit. So if they were making reforms that inconvenienced the Tsar, he would just make a new duma without any troubles. This technicality meant that while the people were promised change and representation, there was no true improvement.
1.1.2 Tsar was weak willed and conservative Believed he deserved to rule because of 'Divine Right' (he and his family were chosen by God to rule over the Russian Empire. Wanted to be the 'High King' and be unquestioned.
1.2 Social
1.2.1 Workers wanted Civil Rights. Marched to the palace on 'Bloody Sunday' 22nd January 1905. Led by Father Georgi Gapon. Wanted better pay, no women and no children forced labour, health insurance, shorter 8 hour working day. Beginning of the 1905 revolution.
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