A-Level English Terminology

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A-Level English Terminology
1 Register
1.1 audience
1.1.1 Who is it aimed at?
1.2 context
1.2.1 the place or situation a text might have been set in
1.3 purpose
1.3.1 referential what the text is referring too
1.3.2 phatic denoting speech to create a friendly atmosphere
1.3.3 transactional
1.3.4 expressive effectively conveying someone's thought or feelings
2 mode
2.1 how communication is being made
3 idiolect
3.1 the way an individual speaks, personal to them
4 socialect
4.1 the way a person speaks due to people surrounding them (family)
5 dialect
5.1 the way someone speaks due to their region
6 contractions
6.1 shortening two words to one by adding an apostrophe
7 hedges
7.1 a protective barrier to prevent hurting others feelings e.g 'kind of'
8 displacement
8.1 where a sentence is not grammatically correct and so can be thought to have two meanings
9 elisions
9.1 to say a word and leave out a sound / syllable
10 sentence length
11 relaxed grammar
11.1 when a sentence starts with a conjunction and ends with a preposition
12 phonology
12.1 the study of sounds that make up words
13 phonemes
13.1 recognizably pronouncing a word e.g P I G
14 phonetics
14.1 the study of identifying utterances
15 phonetic terms
15.1 plosive
15.1.1 explosive sounds are created by using the breath
15.2 nasals
15.2.1 the use of air though the nose to create a certain sound e.g 'nnn'
15.3 fricatives
15.3.1 air forced through small passage in the mouth to create a hissing sound
15.4 affricatives
15.4.1 consonants that start as a plosive and end as a fricative
15.5 laterals
15.5.1 tongue forms obstruction to the front of the mouth allowing air to escape from the sides
16 non-verbal
16.1 aspects of speech and communication
16.2 verbal - worded
16.3 another aspect of phonology
16.4 they are modifiers to alter sounds and to achieve certain effects without necessarily altering pronunciation
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