How democratic was Britain by 1918

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A brief few points on Britain's build to a democracy until the end of the Great War in 1918

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How democratic was Britain by 1918
  1. Participation
    1. 1832 Great Reform Act
      1. Male property owners could now vote
      2. The Second Reform Act 1867
        1. Lodgers paying over £10 per year in rent given vote
        2. The Third Reform Act 1884
          1. Male householders given vote
          2. 1918 Representation of the People Act
            1. All men given the right to vote
              1. Women over 30 given right to vote under conditions
            2. Corruption and Fear
              1. Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act 1883
                1. Spending was limited
                  1. No purchase of food and drink for voters
                  2. The Secret Ballot Act 1872
                    1. Voting now done in polling booths
                      1. Cancelled out Imtimidation
                  3. Representation
                    1. Redistribution of Seats 1867 and 1885
                      1. Smaller towns lost MPs
                        1. Larger towns gained MPs
                        2. The Parliament Act 1911
                          1. Reduce power of House of Lords
                            1. MPs were paid
                              1. Working class could become MPs
                            2. Second Reform Act 1867
                              1. Populated areas gained seats and depopulated areas lost seats
                            3. Widening Membership for House of Commons
                              1. 1858 abolished housing qualifications for MPs
                                1. More people could become MPs
                                2. Creation of the Labour Party
                                  1. Working class finally had a party that had their lives at the fore front of their political ideas
                                    1. More representation

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