The Revolutions of 1848

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The Revolutions of 1848
1 Context and Origins
1.1 Three "19thc" Isms"
1.1.1 Liberalism Constitutionalism, free trade, personal/political liberty Wanted change, opposed violence Middle class
1.1.2 Nationalism Personal identity=tied to nation Conflict arises when like people are seperated
1.1.3 Socialism Liberal ideas benefitted the middle class Wanted to reorganize society so that works benefitted
1.2 Causes for 1848 Revolutions
1.2.1 Economic/Ag. Crisis throughout Europe in 1840s
1.2.2 Social Crisis: Urban Poverty
1.2.3 Political Crisis: Civil and judicial rights
1.2.4 Rise in Nationalism
2 France
2.1 Louis Philippe and the July Monarchy
2.1.1 Supported middle class
2.1.2 Wanted order and prosperity at home, peace abroad
2.1.3 Lowered taxes, expanded electorate
2.1.4 Problem w/ workers: no shared prosperity, no voting or organizing
2.2 Provisional Gov. Reforms (1848)
2.2.1 All men can vote
2.2.2 1hr less on workday
2.2.3 National Workshops
2.2.4 National Unemployment Agency
2.2.5 Abolition of death penalty
2.2.6 Abolition of slavery in colonies
3 Austria and Habsburg Empire
3.1 King Ferdinand's Reforms
3.1.1 Abolishes censorship
3.1.2 Acknowledges civil guard
3.1.3 Promises constitutional assembly
3.1.4 Promises workshops to temp. employ workers
3.1.5 Abolishes feudal obligations, makes concessions to nationalities
3.2 Hungary Revolt
3.2.1 Nationalism impedes revolution success
3.2.2 Displays nationalism in empire
4 Germany
4.1 Ideas of free press and a new constitution protested in Berlin
4.1.1 Unity concerns arise -- revolt sparks. King backed by prop. owners, revolt stopped
4.2 Frankfurt Assembly
4.2.1 Group emerges from Germ. Confed. to write new constitution Goal: Unify the states
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