The Weimar Republic

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IB History (Nazi Germany) Mind Map on The Weimar Republic, created by Eleanor Matthewman on 07/22/2013.

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The Weimar Republic
1 Opposition to the WR
1.1 Germany was not used to a democracy
1.2 land was lost
1.3 Blamed for treaty of Versailles- scapegoat
1.4 Other political parties eg nazis
1.5 Public believed that they were winning the war before the WR
2 Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated on 9th November 1918
3 The 'Stab in the back' theory was the idea that Germany was betrayed by those who had signed the armistice
4 A new constitution was created for Germay
5 Proportional representation meant that parties received a fair share of seats in the Reichtag but weakened the government because there was not a majority party so coalition government had to be created
6 Article 48 meant that in an emergency, the president could make laws without going to the Reichtag
7 In 1920 the social democrats formed the majority of the Richtag
8 Ebert was the president of the Weimar Republic
9 The president was elected every seven years and the chancellor was appointed by the president
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