Gustav Stresemann

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IB History (Nazi Germany) Mind Map on Gustav Stresemann, created by Eleanor Matthewman on 07/27/2013.

Eleanor Matthewman
Created by Eleanor Matthewman about 6 years ago
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Gustav Stresemann
1 He was appointed chancellor in August 1923 to deal with thee problems of hyperinflation
1.1 He lost support of from the Reichtag in November 1923 and became foreign secretary until his death in October 1929
2 the Dawes Plan
2.1 1924
2.2 Reorganised Germany's reparation payments
2.3 Years 1-5: £50m-->£150m Years 6+: payments linked to Germany's capacity to pay
2.4 The French withdrew their troops from the Ruhr
2.5 Included a US loan of 800m gold marks to Germany
2.5.1 Over the following 6 years, Germany borrowed about $3,000m from the US
2.6 Opposed by German nationalists and seen as a 'second Versailles'
3 He introduced a new currency in 1923 called the 'Rentenmark'
3.1 Issued in limited numbers
3.2 Value based on a mortgage of Germany's entire industrial and agricultural resources
3.3 Rentenmark was converted into the Reichmark which was backed with gold
4 Ended passive resistance which greatly improved relations with Britain and France
5 Signed the Locarno Treaties of 1925
5.1 1925-1929 became known as the 'Locarno honeymoon'
6 He was awarded a nobel peace prise in 1926

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