Series 1: Introduction to Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB)

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What is GRPB? What is the benefits of GRPB?

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Series 1: Introduction to Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB)
  1. Background / Combination
    1. Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB)
      1. UN Women
        1. Since 1997
          1. ensure the collection and allocation of public resources
            1. gender equality
              1. Women empowerment
              2. TOP-DOWN APPROACH
              3. Participatory Budgeting
                1. Original invention in Porte Alegre, Brazil
                  1. 1988
                  2. process of democratic deliberation and decision-making
                    1. ordinary people decide the allocate part of a municipal or public budget
                    2. BOTTOM-UP APPROACH
                  3. Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB)
                    1. Function
                      1. whole of government activity
                        1. community
                          1. agencies
                            1. all levels of government
                            2. Bridge the gap between government and people
                              1. to achieve good governance & gender equality
                              2. History
                                1. Since 2012
                                  1. smart partnership with Penang State Government MBPP, MPSP
                                    1. Penang Women's Development Corporation (PWDC)
                                    2. Goals
                                      1. Leaving No-One Behind
                                        1. Different People, Different Needs
                                      2. Benefit
                                        1. Help achieve good governance
                                          1. Includes all Stakeholders in budget planning and delivery
                                            1. is responsive to different people different needs
                                              1. addresses gender gap
                                                1. allows data to support better and more informed policies
                                                  1. strengthens the linkages between economic and social policy outcomes
                                                    1. Promotes openness and transparency
                                                    2. NOT
                                                      1. ONLY for WOMEN
                                                        1. Concern women's group / women's NGO
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