History I trimester


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History I trimester
  1. Egyptians
    1. Geographical Characteristics
      1. North-East Africa
        1. Red Sea Mediterranean Sea
          1. Nile River
            1. Delta
              1. It is very important because this help to the agriculture in that zone
                1. Wheat and Barley
                  1. Animals
                    1. Vegetables
                    2. Principal Water Supply
                  2. Contributions
                    1. The Alphabet
                      1. Some images show how they communicate by translating each letter to hieroglyphics, this make the writing easier.
                      2. Papyrus
                        1. Egyptians used papyrus as a resourse for making a type of paper. The recipe of how they made "paper" was extremelly confident because that was their maximum importation
                        2. Clock
                          1. The Egypians create the clock for organizing their time wiselly every day
                          2. Math's
                            1. They create a method of multiplyig and dividing
                            2. Door lock
                              1. The mechanism that we use now a days is very similar and actual deveolped from the Egyptians
                            3. Facts
                              1. Most of the pyramids are tombs for pharaohs
                                1. Men and Women used Make up
                                  1. The GIZA pyramid is the greatest one
                                  2. Social Organization
                                    1. Pharaoh
                                      1. High Government Officials - Vizier - Chief Treasurer - General of Armies
                                        1. Priests & Nobles
                                          1. Soldiers
                                            1. Scribes
                                              1. Artisains & Merchants
                                                1. Peasants & Slaves
                                              2. Traits of Civilization
                                                1. Advanced Cities
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