Horatio's Understanding of the Great Awakening


An 11th-grade AP US History student's understanding of the Great Awakening.
D Edgar
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Horatio's Understanding of the Great Awakening
  1. Religious movement
    1. trying to bring back religious feelings
    2. A couple travelling preachers
      1. including George Whitefield
        1. toured colonies, attracted many people
          1. gave big, open sermons
          2. worried that people were becoming less religious
            1. gave sermons
              1. E.g. "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
                1. By Jonathan Edwards
                2. [sometimes?] outside
                  1. "camp meeting"/"revival"
                    1. one preacher, a whole bunch of people
                3. Individualistic approach to faith
                  1. no pastor necessary
                  2. Took place in diverse religious landscape
                    1. Anglicans in the South
                      1. Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas
                      2. Congregationalists in the North
                        1. Puritans in New England
                        2. Other groups elsewhere
                        3. Colonists react positively.
                          1. "start getting back into religion"
                          2. Uncertain of impact or global context
                            1. "Does it have anything to do with American culture?"
                              1. "[In Europe?] Shoot... um..."
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