Medicine Through Time

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Medicine through time, for GCSE

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Medicine Through Time
1 Ancient Rome
1.1 Individuals
1.1.1 Galen (was Greek but worked in Rome)
1.2 War
1.2.1 Roman Army doctors were able to learn more about the body through wounds the soliders
1.4 Public health
2 Ancient Greece
2.1 Individuals
2.1.1 Hippocrates
2.1.2 Herophilus
2.1.3 Erasistrtus
2.1.4 al-Razi (know in Europe as Rhazes) Arab doctor
2.1.5 Ibn Sina (know in Europe as Avicenna) Arab doctor
2.2 Religion
2.2.1 Believed in life after death Stopped them from diesecting dead bodies
3 Ancient Eygpt
3.1 Communication
3.1.1 Papyrus Early paper.
3.2 Religion
3.2.1 Inbarbing
4 Prehistoric
4.1 Religion
4.1.1 Prayed to Gods
4.2 Individuals
4.2.1 Medicine Men
4.2.2 Woman
4.3 War
4.3.1 Reason people died
5 Middle ages
5.1 Religion
5.1.1 Church main power in Europe
5.2 Communication
5.2.1 People had to travel with letters That were had written
6 Renaissance
6.1 Individuals
6.1.1 Audreas Vesalius
6.1.2 Ambroise Pare
6.1.3 Edward Jenner
6.1.4 William Harvey
6.2 Communication
6.2.1 Printing press It meant that information can be hear all around the world fast than it could before
6.3 Relgion
6.3.1 Church main power in Europe
6.3.2 They didn't believe in dissction
6.4 War
6.4.1 Pare was a surgeon for the french army 1536-1559
7 Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
7.1 Individuals
7.1.1 Alexander Fleming
7.1.2 John Snow Found out how cholera was spred In water
7.1.3 John Sanderson
7.1.4 Howard Florey
7.1.5 Ernst Chain
7.1.6 Florence Nightingale
7.1.7 Edwin Chadwick
7.1.8 Joseph Lister
7.2 War
7.2.1 WW!
7.2.2 WW!! Both help doctors learn new things about medicin
7.2.3 X-rays were used on people
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