Merchant of Venice

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Merchant of Venice
1 Shylock
1.1 Similar Characteristics
1.1.1 Stubborn Jessica Even though her father hates Christians, she still wanted to elope with Lorenzo. Nothing could change her mind Shylock Antonio is a Christian, so Shylock hates him. He will not change his decision of cutting Antonio's pound of flesh. The both of them are firm in their opinions and will refuse to change them so easily. They are obstinate.
1.1.2 Impulsive Jessica She did not consider much and eloped to get together with Lorenzo. She did not think what would happen to her if Shylock gets people to track her down or so. Shylock He only wants to get Antonio hurt, and he does not consider the consequences. He just wants to do what he wants. They decide to do things without much consideration. They are very rash.
1.1.3 Selfish Shylock Before Shylock left the house, he rudely demands that Jessica stays to lock up the doors. He only thinks of himself and his money, and does not really care for his daughter. Jessica Jessica just stole a large amount of money and left her house to elope with Lorenzo, not caring about Shylock's feelings.
1.1.4 Greedy Obsessed with Money Ducats and Jewels Shylock He cared more for his money than his daughter that he lost. Jessica She stole a lot of ducats and jewelleries from Shylock when she left to elope with Lorenzo. The both of them love money more than their family (Shylock and Jessica).
1.2 Father and Daughter relationship
1.3 A Jewish Moneylender
1.3.1 Despises/Hates Christians, especially Antonio
2 Jessica
2.2 Marries to Lorenzo, a Christian and a man she loves
2.2.1 Converts to Christianity.