Merchant Of Venice - Relationships

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Merchant Of Venice - Relationships
1 Bassanio
1.1 Portia
1.1.1 When Portia was dressed up as a lawyer, Bassanio gave Antonio a heartfelt speech about how he would sacrifice his wife for his best friend, ironically his wife is standing right in front of him, trying to help his best friend which could make the readers and Portia doubt the relationship between Portia and Bassanio
1.2 Antonio
1.2.1 During the court scene, Bassanio gives him a long speech about how grateful it was to be his best friend and how he is thankful to have him in his life, and even sacrifices his own wife, however, he is not doing anything and just stating words that everyone knows he wont do. Also, Antonio kind of confesses his love for Bassanio as he knows that he is not going to survive, which shows that he might like Bassanio in another way.
2 Shylock
2.1 Jessica
2.1.1 Ironically, Jessica elopes with a Christian, leaving her father speechless and isolated which conveys how lonely Shylock is now.
2.2 Antonio
2.2.1 Antonio and Shylock hate each other, and when Antonio borrows money from his enemy, Shylock for his best friend Shylock, Shylock makes sure to make him pay him back with a pound of flesh which shows how much he loathes him.

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