Seamus Heaney

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Seamus Heaney
1 Themes autobiographical
1.1 Family
1.1.1 Father Digging choices, change, sacrifice, guilt Follower coming of age, life cycle, work ethic. Mid term break grief & coping & how that varies. intensified through.... enjambment 'my mother held...' rhythm heartbeat iambic beat stanzas euphemism foreshadowing knelling of bells sound devices
1.1.2 Links out Sam Hunt's poetry about his father Michael Woods
1.2 Childhood experiences
1.2.1 Early Purges loss of innocence town and country in different perspective emjambment sibilance juxtaposition
1.2.2 Death of a naturalist control of (natural) environment
2 Themes historical poems
2.1 Requiem for the croppies
2.1.1 the troubles Irish identity being suppressed the value of but still endures
2.1.2 Pockets of great coats... And in august, the barley... cyclical structure
2.1.3 the hillside blushed personification
2.1.4 the preist lay in the ditches
2.2 Limbo
2.2.1 influence of the Catholic Church diminished status of women
2.2.2 she waded in under - the sign enjambment like she's going to commit suicide, enjambment changes meaning and offers an alternative interpretation
2.2.3 he was a minnow with hooks - an illegitimate spawning extended metaphor (minnow, spawning)
2.3 Bye child
2.3.1 influence of the Catholic Church child abuse
2.3.2 solitudes, vigils, facts Isaih sins
2.3.3 little moon man similies/ extended metaphor little endearing moon man alliteration lunar distances, travelled beyond love
2.3.4 structure stanzas, little boxes long and spindly, enduring
3 Themes bog poems
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