Health Problems

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Mind map for health and safety when using ICT systems.

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Health Problems
1 Eye Strain
1.1 Causes
1.1.1 Glare on screen Dirty screen Poorly designed software
1.2 Solutions
1.2.1 Keep screen clean Take regular breaks Design software correctly Use matt screens and blinds Take regular eye tests
2 Stress
2.1 Causes
2.1.1 Pace of work
2.1.2 Ict problems
2.1.3 Poorly designed software
2.2 Solutions
2.2.1 Training
2.2.2 Good management time
2.2.3 Well designed software
3 Back Ache
3.1 Causes
3.1.1 Sitting awkwardly
3.1.2 Slouching
3.2 Solutions
3.2.1 Adjustable chair
3.2.2 Sitting with the correct posture
3.2.3 Align screen correctly
4.1 Causes
4.1.1 Typing at high speeds for prolonged periods
4.1.2 Repetitive mouse movements
4.1.3 Incorrect hand positions
4.2 Solutions
4.2.1 Use a wrist rest
4.2.2 Have enough workstation space
4.2.3 Take breaks
4.2.4 Type properly
4.2.5 Use a document holder
5 Health and Safety Regulations 1992
5.1 Desk/Workstations
5.1.1 Big enough Matt surface
5.2 Chairs
5.2.1 Adjustable height Adjustable seat back 5 feet with castors
5.3 Screens
5.3.1 Must twist and swivel Appropraite height Free from glare Appropriate size Stable image
5.4 Training
5.4.1 To use software
5.4.2 Health and saftey training
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