Effects of using IT

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In this lesson you will learn the effects of IT on employment, working patterns and microprocessor controlled devices

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Effects of using IT
  1. Use of microprocessor controlled devices in home
    1. Changes in lifestyle


      • -Increased leisure time/free time/ -more time to do other things -Increase in social interaction -Unhealthy diet - TV dinners -Can go out whenever they want - Better quality meals -easier to prepare exotic dishes -Part time workers can now work full time -Humans won’t be exposed to contagious diseases
      1. Not effecting lifestyle
        1. Advantages & Disadvantages
        2. Advantages & Disadvantages
        3. positive effects
          1. Employment


            • - New jobs in teaching IT - Improved banking, retail, clerical, telecom, advertising, design, teleworking
            1. Capabilities


              • -Can share vast amounts of data -Can transfer data quickly & easily -Can carry out repetitive processes -Can give instant feedback on data stored -Can get useful info from combined data -Can communicate over long distances-Reduced cost of wage bill -Computer readings are more accurate-Automatic warnings can be generated -Graphs can be produced automatically-Readings can be taken more frequently/continuously
              1. Working Patterns
                1. Part time
                  1. Flexible working
                    1. Job sharing
                      1. Compressed Hours
                    2. negative effects
                      1. crime
                        1. Spread of viruses
                          1. Risk of hacking
                            1. Illegal downloading/Software piracy
                              1. Credit card fraud
                                1. Identity fraud
                                  1. Spamming & blackmail
                                  2. Unemployment
                                    1. Manufacturing


                                      • - Robots & machines take over -less typist needed -staff will need retraining - Fear of learning new technology -Auto analysis of data
                                      1. Advantages & Disadvantages of Robots
                                      2. Word, spreadsheet, databases
                                      3. Limitations
                                        1. Processing depends on speed of processor
                                          1. Prone to hardware failure
                                            1. Limited in amount of disk space
                                              1. Software can become out of date
                                                1. Software can contain bugs
                                                  1. Data transfer dependant on connection type
                                                2. Health problems
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