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Alexander Pope


Mind Map on Alexander Pope, created by gen marconette on 11/19/2014.
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Alexander Pope
  1. 1688-1744
    1. THE poet of 18th Century England
      1. set the standard for Neoclassicism
      2. Born into a Roman Catholic family the year James II (last Catholic monarch) was forced to abdicate his throne
        1. barred from attending University
          1. caught a severe case of spinal tuberculosis & was left dwarfed, twisted, and delicate of constitution
      3. "Essay on Criticism" pub. 1711
        1. Central idea: the eternal war between critics, who judge according to a rigid system of regulations, and poets, hemmed in by such rules and longing to soar
          1. Critic's duty is to comprehend fully & disinterestedly the poet's form, matter, end
            1. Pope presents from the poet's perspective, but he sides with the critics
              1. Pope argues raw talent needs to be educated
                1. similar to Sidney, Pope believed poet requires a natural genius, knowledge of rules of art, & education based on Neoclassicism
                  1. Pope uses his central terms in a variety of related but distinct ways
                    1. "Nature"
                      1. world of divine creation
                        1. human nature
                          1. instincts
                      2. "Art"
                        1. world of human invention
                          1. technique & craft
                            1. class of objects created by human intelligence & creativity
                        2. "Wit"
                          1. sense
                            1. intelligence
                              1. creative power
                              2. he typically repeats his point
                                1. but he also draws a distinction only to collpase it later
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