Problems Germany Faced 1919-1924

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Created by mickeyandbeth about 6 years ago
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Problems Germany Faced 1919-1924
1 Surrender in World War 1
1.1 Caused National Humiliation
1.2 Many Germans saw their new government as traitors and cowards
2 Economy almost destroyed by demands of War
2.1 Few jobs for returning soilders
2.2 Germans were starving, cold and disease ridden
2.3 Allies continued their blockade until summer of 1919
3 1919 - Treaty of Versallies
3.1 Seen as an insult to German Pride
3.2 Reparations and loss of land further damaged the economy.
3.3 Many Germans turned against their Goverment
4 Political Extremists active against new Government
4.1 Communists try to take over Berlin and bloodily suppressed by Freikorps
4.2 1920: Kapp Putsch / 1923: Beer Hall Putsch
5 1923
5.1 French invasion of the Ruhr
5.2 Hyperinflation

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