The October Manifesto-1905

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The October Manifesto-1905
1 Bloody Sunday
1.1 Russia waged war on Japan and lost.
1.1.1 Caused many strikes, demonstrations, mutinies and assassinations The Tsar's troops opened fire on peaceful protesters
1.2 The open fire caused lots of people to lose faith in the Tsar
1.2.1 Seemed that the Tsar only cared about his power, not the people
2 Liberalisation
2.1 Freedom of Speech
2.1.1 More freedom was given Newspapers and Magazines flourished
2.2 The Duma
2.2.1 Members of Parliment Chosen by the Tsar- votes were fixed They were able to criticise, but had no real power.
2.3 The Tsar
2.3.1 Hated the fact Autocracy was in danger
2.3.2 Thought it was a God-given duty to pass it to his son
2.3.3 Stolypin Prime Minister- killed thousands of 'terrorists'
2.3.4 Okrana The Secret Police Ordered by the Tsar to kill anyone who was seen as a 'terrorist'
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