Grice's Maxims

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Grice's Maxims
1 The Maxim of quantity
1.1 When somebody tries to be as informative as they can
1.2 They give as much information that is needed
1.3 As much information that is required
1.4 For Example: 1: What's the time? 2: It's 9 0'clock.
2 The maxim of quality
2.1 When somebody tries to be truthful and not provide false information
2.2 For Example: 1: Who is the American President? 2: Barack Obama
3 The maxim of relation
3.1 To be relevant to a discussion
3.2 To say things pertinent to a conversation
3.3 For Example: 1:What is your favourite book? 2: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
4 The maxim of manner
4.1 To be clear and orderly in conversation
4.2 For Example: 1: How do you get to the library? 2: Go up the hill and then turn left
5 Grice's Maxims are the normalities of conversation
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