Rethinking performance measures:assessing progress in UK hotels

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Rethinking performance measures:assessing progress in UK hotels
1 Methodology
1.1 Hybrid Methodology
1.1.1 In depth interviews With 3 senior executives from responding hotels 2 management consultants academic who has been researching in area for 8 + years
1.1.2 Extensive questionnaires Postal questionnaires to 88 hotels listed in hospitality yearbook 1999 23 received, 18 useful and used
2 Main Arguements
2.1 performance measures that match strategic intent
2.2 Look for a more balanced approach
2.2.1 Balanced scorecard approach should be able to form a'... fast but comprehensive view of the business...' (Kaplan and Norton, 1992, p. 71).
2.3 incorporate a balance of measures, both financial and non-financial
2.3.1 Non-finacial looking at servie quality and customer satisfaction 'it is clear to any director that the fundamental drivers of performance are often non-financial in their nature'
2.4 Measuring the wrong things
2.4.1 Regarding to changing competitive environment
3 Limitations of theory
3.1 relative difficulty and cost of collecting data of non financial data
3.1.1 Leads to lack of interest from managers
3.2 Article dated
4 Context
4.1 More effective performance management identified
4.1.1 linking operations to strategic goals
4.1.2 Presenting a balance of indicators
4.2 Concern that UK hotels still using traditional performance measures
4.2.1 Therefore overlooking important issues
4.3 little appreciation of the links and relationships between key areas and aspects of an organization; and an overall lack of balance
4.4 Starts with summarizing recent developments in performance measurement systems
4.4.1 Next presents evidence from surveys and interviews with hoteliers In addition the extent to which these organizations are measuring the wrong things or are, indeed, rethinking their performance measures is considered Conclusion is: UK hotels monitor performance in considerable detail, but just seem to measure the wrong things.
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