Network and Communication Part F

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A-Level A2- ICT (Chapter 3- Networks and Communications) Mind Map on Network and Communication Part F, created by Callum Douglas on 12/04/2014.

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Network and Communication Part F
1 Infrared
1.1 Used for many things in life such as remotes and early laptops
1.1.1 These laptops used the infrared to communicate with other laptops/printer
1.2 Used by mobile phones to give them extra capabilities such as acting as an all in one remote
1.3 Main use of wireless communication before bluetooth
1.4 Requires direct line of sight and has to be close
1.5 Bandwidth is restricted to 115.2 Kbps
1.6 Requires little power
1.7 Cheap to implement for one-way communictations e.g remote controls
2 Fibre-Optic
2.1 These have the highest bandwidths of all of the optical communication methods
2.2 Used in LAN's for distances over 100m
2.3 These have a low loss of signal and no interference, this in turn results in a low loss of data packets
2.4 Can't be tapped so is more secure
2.5 Can be used to broadcast television and also internet services
2.5.1 The internet services are using fibre-optic cables to go to the cabinets and then the final connection is done with copper cables
2.6 It is expensive and damaged cables take ages to repair
2.6.1 If large sections of cable are damaged then it has to be broken and repaired which results in loss of connection to many homes
3 Laser
3.1 Have a clear line of sight between two devices
3.2 Travels the speed of light like fibre, but does not need any physical connection
3.3 hi
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