Why did Public Health Reforms need to occur?


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Why did Public Health Reforms need to occur?
  1. Charles Booth and Sebohm Rowntree did investigations into poverty
    1. they found it to be caused by...
      1. casual labour
        1. low pay
          1. old age
            1. large families
              1. illness
              2. impact of the study
                1. highlighted the extent of poverty in Britain
                  1. changed the perception that the poor themselves were to blame for poverty. This put more pressure on politicians to do something to change the situation.
                2. The Boer War 1899-1902
                  1. One in three volunteers failed the army medical due to poor health and hygiene
                    1. This could've seriously damaged Britain's military strength
                  2. Economic progress
                    1. Nationaly efficiency would increase if the health and welfare of the population improved.
                      1. Britain would be more able to keep up with the economic powers like Germany and the USA
                    2. The rise of Trade Unions and the Labour Party was a threat to the Liberals and the Conservatives as the poor turned to Labour for support
                      1. The New Liberals recognised this and therefore supported government involvement helping the poor
                      2. The effects of poverty was damaging Britain
                        1. Poverty could lead to prostitution, slums, drunkenness and cause the economy to suffer
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