Adaptive Immunity (ONLY Lecture 15 Part 2)


Adaptive Immunity will be in shades of red. Anything associated with innate immunity is in shades of blue. Lecture 16 is more in depth.
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Adaptive Immunity (ONLY Lecture 15 Part 2)
  1. Humoral Immunity
    1. "Antibody-mediated"
      1. B-cell based
      2. Cellular Immunity
        1. "Cell-mediated"
          1. T-cell based
          2. Types
            1. Naturally acquired active
              1. Getting sick
                1. B memory cells
                2. Nat. acq. passive
                  1. Transfer (mother's milk)
                  2. Artificially acq. active
                    1. Vaccination
                    2. Art. acq. passive
                      1. Antibodies from one host intro to another
                    3. Antigens
                      1. Epitopes
                        1. Reaction sites on antigens for specific antibody or T cell receptor
                        2. Affinity
                          1. Binding strength at just ONE site
                          2. Avidity
                            1. Overall antigen-binding at ALL sites
                          3. Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)
                            1. Genes code for self/nonself
                              1. In humans "Human Leukocyte Antigen" (HLA)
                                1. Three Classes
                                  1. CLASS I
                                    1. All types
                                      1. Important for organ transplant
                                      2. CLASS II
                                        1. Antigen-presenting cells
                                          1. Important for T-cell communications
                                            1. Macrophages
                                              1. Dendritic cells
                                                1. B cells
                                              2. CLASS III
                                                1. Secreted proteins
                                                  1. Nonself/self recognition
                                                2. Class I and II Structures
                                                  1. Heterodimers of alpha & beta subunits
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