Innate Immunity

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Innate Immunity

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Innate Immunity
1 First Line of Defense
1.1 Physical barrier
1.1.1 Skin Skin form waterproof mechanical barrier Prevent entry of microbes
1.1.2 Mucus lining Trap dirt and microbes
1.2 Chemical barrier
1.2.1 Saliva Contain enzyme that breaks down the cell wall of bacteria
1.2.2 Stomach acid Has low pH acid that kills bacteria and parasites
1.2.3 Tears Contain enzyme that breaks down the cell wall of bacteria
2 Second Line of Defense
2.1 Group of cells, tissues and organs that work together
2.1.1 To protect the body
2.2 It create hostile environment for the invaders
2.3 It has four components
2.3.1 Fever The body temperature increase to 37 C and above It initiated by pyrogens It change the settings of hypothalamus Reduced iron availability Iron-required pathogens cannot get the iron needed Inhibition of microbial multiplication Creating sub optimal temperature Increase metabolic rate Stimulates immune reactions
2.3.2 Inflammation Symptoms Redness Heat Pain Oedema Stages Tissue injury Dilation and increased leakiness Phagocytes consume bacteria Release of cytokines Causing vasodilation
2.3.3 Phagocytosis Contain phagocytes They possess lysosome containing substances Stages Attachment Ingestion Killing Degradation
2.3.4 Antimicrobial proteins Four main types The complement system Work in cascade reactions Three pathways Classical Lectin Alternative Interferons Involve cytokines to against virus Iron-binding protein Limit the growth of pathogens Examples Hemoglobin Lactoferrin Transferrin Antimicrobial peptides Kill bacteria by inserting them into the membrane
3 It is non-specific
4 Immune components are preformed
5 Response magnitude is similar during the first and subsequent encounters
6 No memory is stored
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