Ancient Rome

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All the things I know about Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome
1 Ancient rome beggining
1.1 The beggining of Rome was with Romulus and Remus
1.1.1 They were to brothers that were sons of Aeneas . They were said to be sons of Mars the god of war They were throwed to the river but they were found by a she - wolf that feed them until a shepherd find them. When they grew up , they killed their great-uncle and decided to build a new city. But then Remus mocked his brother because hewanted to build in another place, so they waited for the gods and Romulus have a signal and Remus not so Romulus killed Remus and begin the first king of the new city Rome
2 Ancient Rome fall
2.1 The fall of Ancient Rome was based on that .
2.1.1 It was many territory for only one emperor to govern. And then the Goths that are today Germans attack and then they were divided into many small kingdoms.
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