The 9 Stages of Roman Catholic Weddings

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The 9 Stages of Roman Catholic Weddings
1 1. Welcoming
1.1 The priest welcomes all family and friends also giving them a rough overdraft of the day
1.1.1 Opening prayers The liturgy of the word includes readings from the Old and New Testaments, a re-sponsorial psalm, the “alleluia” before the Gospel, and a Gospel reading. The selections may be read by the priest or by honored members of the wedding party.
2 2. Homily
2.1 the priest reads out the already prepared homily that the couple may have done. The homily tends to contain various scriptures/Sermons from the bible that the couple may have chosen.
2.1.1 10 How hard it is to find a capable wife! She is worth far more than jewels! 11 Her husband puts his confidence in her, and he will never be poor. 12 As long as she lives, she does him good and never harm. 13 She keeps herself busy making wool and linen cloth. 14 She brings home food from out-of-the-way places, as merchant ships do. 15 She gets up before daylight to prepare food for her family and to tell her servant women what to do. 16 She looks at land and buys it, and with money she has earned she plants a vineyard. 17 She is a hard worker, strong and industrious. 18 She knows the value of everything she makes, and works late into the night. 19 She spins her own thread and weaves her own cloth. 20 She is generous to the poor and needy. 21 She doesn't worry when it snows, because her family has warm clothing. 22 She makes bedspreads and wears clothes of fine purple linen. 23 Her husband is well known, one of the leading citizens. 24 She makes clothes and belts, and sells them to mer Proverbs 31:10-31
3 6. Exchange of Rings
3.1 Rings are circular to present perpetual love for the partners
3.2 "take this as a token of my love and fidelty"
3.3 The exchange of rings follows the exchange of vows. The best man, who usually has both rings, gives the bride’s ring to the priest, who blesses it and gives it to the bridegroom, who places it on the bride’s finger. In a double ring ceremony, after the bride receives her ring, the blessing and presentation will be repeated for the bridegroom’s ring. Some brides may consider honoring the role of the Virgin Mary as Christ’s Mother, by presenting flowers at a side altar dedicated to Mary. (This is optional).
4 9. Signing of the Marriage Certificate/ Register
4.1 Officially married in the eyes of the law
5 7. Blessing
5.1 The Prayer of the Faithful follows which may also include personal prayer by the couple. During a Mass, the Liturgy of the Eucharist is said at this time. Those who are chosen to bring gifts of wine and bread to the altar carry out their role at this point and the liturgy begins. The priest then offers the Nuptial Blessing.
6 Prayer and communion
6.1 Eucharist
6.2 communion
6.3 mass is held by priest where he reads various scripture
7 3.The Marriage Ceremony
7.1 During the ceremony the couple are given their 3 rites by the priest
7.1.1 3 Rites: "are you gathered here from you're own freewill?"
7.1.2 Will you openly accept children
7.1.3 "honour eachother for life?"
8 4. The Marriage vows
8.1 "I, ______, take you, ______, to be my wife/husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life." "I, ______, take you, ______, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."
8.1.1 The Vows In Sickness And Health For Richer And For Poorer Until Death Do Us Part For Better For Worse To have and to hold from this day forward
8.2 Officially married in the eyes of the church
9 Acceptance and consent
9.1 the priest celebrates the marriage
9.2 Church declares your wedding
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