John Donne- Holy Sonnet XIV

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For A2 WJEC poetry exam. It's a breif analysis of John Donne's Holy Sonnet XIV 'Batter my heart....'

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John Donne- Holy Sonnet XIV
1 Form and meter.
1.1 Petrarchan sonnet.
1.2 Irregular imabic pentameter
2 'Batter my heart, three-personed God'
2.1 The speaker wants to be beaten into submission
2.2 Powerful start- Demands attention
2.3 three-personed God- refering to the trinity.
3 'Your force, to break,blow,burn, and make me new.'
3.1 'break,blow,burn
3.1.1 Plosives makes it more aggressive.
3.2 'and make me new'
3.2.1 The speaker wants God to make him 'new' suggest that he has sinned. The speaker wants forgivness from God.
4 'I, like an usurped town'
4.1 Similie
4.2 Wants God to take over him.
5 'But i am betrothed unto your enemy'
5.1 The natural selfish actions of humans means we are 'betrothed' to the enemy of God.
6 'Take me to You, imprison me,'
6.1 Wants to be imprisoned by God and his faith.
7 Divorce me,'untie or break that knot again ,'
7.1 The speaker wants God to break him from his bond the Devil.
8 Themes.
8.1 Faith
8.2 Religion
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