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1 Origins of the 1st world war
1.1 Triple Alliance
1.1.1 Italy Agricultural
1.1.2 Austria Hungary
1.1.3 Germany Bismarck (German chancellor) sets up Alliance to proitect germany 1892 Ruled by Kaiser Wilhem Kaisers Foreign Policy "Weltpolitik" : World Politics Envious of British sets out to give GErmany "a place in the sun" Habit of Dramatic Gestures "international Limelight" Grandson of Queen Victoria Strongest Army in the world
1.1.4 where 2 or more major powers attack one of the 3.
1.2 Triple Entiente
1.2.1 Entente Cordiale 1903-4 Britain worried about size of german naval fleet, could hold the balance of power if britain was at battle with france or Russia. Germany wouldn't ally Britain or France so Britain and France cleared problems and signed a "friendly agreement" over Egypt and Morocco (colonial issue resolved still in isolation) Three power Standard: Britains navy had to be as large as the next three largest fleets
1.2.2 Russia borrowed money from france to develop railways Anglo Russian Agreement 1907 France uses its power to influence agreement solved several oversea issues like Persia and Tibet Not Military alliances not designed to encircle Germany but seen this way.
1.2.3 Britain Splendid Isolation No one power can take over europe Natural ally is Germany 1898 Germany got a Navy even though their land-locked 1899 Boer war rebellion made everyone sympathise with boers and kaiser openly brung his opinion Relied on Navy Strongest Navy needed for trade and communication 1902 Anglo-Japanese Alliance: stopped Russia's expansion, if more than one power attacked alliance initiated biggest empire
1.2.4 France Franco Prussian War Alsace-Lorraine
1.2.5 no alliance all secret agreements (Germany thought it was encirclement)
1.3 Morocco
1.3.1 crisis 1 1905 Kaiser arrived on a white horse in Tangier parading for Moroccan peace and freedom. 1905 caused a conference in Algeciras,Spain for Morocco's independence where only Austria Hungary, and Morocco supported Germany 1906 Key: Italy didn't support -Britain began taking more interest in foreign affairs France Reassured of Britain's Trust Entente Cordiale strengthed France get joint control with Spain of Morocco's police Testing the strength of the Entente Cordiale
1.3.2 crisis 2
1.3.3 Few places in Africa not controlled by colonie
1.4 Bosnian Crisis
1.4.1 Turkish Empire crashes and many small states in the Balkans gain independence Serbia Serbia is the leading Slav state aiming to unite all Slavs
2 Treaty of versailles
2.1 army restriction
2.2 loss of land
2.3 League of Nations
2.4 Woodrow Wilson
2.5 George Clemenceau
2.6 David Lloyd George
3 Hitler and lead to WW2
4 Roaring 20s
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