Cam Scott
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2nd class Boiler and steam generator Maintenance and Inspection Mind Map on Boilers, created by Cam Scott on 08/28/2013.

Cam Scott
Created by Cam Scott about 6 years ago
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1 Mechanical Cleaning
1.1 Watertube Drives
1.1.1 Electric
1.1.2 Air Wire brush

Attachments: Air motor w/ cutting heads

Attachments: 2 and 3 Arm cutting heads


1.1.3 Water
1.2 Firetube
1.2.1 Air driven Cleaning Tool
2 Chemical Cleaning
2.1 Circulation Method
2.1.1 Ammoniated citric acid, w/ an oxidizing agent, Mild hydrochloric acid
2.2 Soaking Method

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