The Emergence of Printing

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1400s Emergence of Printing- Gutenberg and Caxton

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The Emergence of Printing
1 Early Situation
1.1 Alphabet- Eastern Mediterranean 2000BC
1.2 Development of paper: Papyrus 7BC, Parchment 3BC, Vellum, True Paper in China 105AD (1000 years to reach Europe)
1.3 Block Printing Pi Sheng 1041-48
1.3.1 No Europe/China connection, though trading
1.4 Playing cards, religious materials
1.5 Rise in unis led to bigger print demand 13th C
1.5.1 Busy scribes (stationari)!
2 15th C Europe
2.1 Fall of Constantinople, Ottoman Turks, Perceived threat of Islamic take over, Voyages of discovery, Warfare
2.1.1 France & England '100' Year War
2.1.2 Geographic Mess! Lots of tiny countries
2.1.3 Upper Strata Poor folk stay where they are
2.2 Catholic Church losing power, coming together of Church and State
2.2.1 Humanism, New attitudes Renaissance!
2.3 The right ingredients for a new invention!
2.3.1 Public Attitude
2.3.2 Mechanical Capabilities
3 Early Printing
3.1 Paper, Ink and the idea of press existing
3.1.1 Metalwork: creating lots of letters- solution needed Gutenberg


  • Stephen Fry documentary: Mainz 1397?- 1468 (dies in poverty, press taken by backers) 1442- 11 line indulgence 1450 Gutenberg Bible 42 line, 300 sheets a day, est. 200 copies available Incunabula- material printed in first 50 years
3.2 Slow spread through Europe (only through Germans)
3.2.1 1465 Italy, 1468 Switz, 1470 France, 1474 Spain, 1476 England, Venice: big centre of printing
4 England & Printing
4.1 William Caxton


  • In Our Time, Caxton:
4.1.1 Kentish Merchant in Europe Connected with Margaret of York Learnt printing in Cologne, goes to Court in Bruges 1474/5 The Recuyell of Histories of Troy In Bruges, First book to be printed in English
4.1.2 Importance Produces stories, not just religious material like Germans Sets up in Westminster 1476, produces for patrons of Royal Court, commisioned Printed, sold, imported, managed other printers, translated, researched, edited Invents Gothic type Bad spacing! Canterberry Tales
4.1.3 Commercial Success No religious materials, romances and stories Standardised English Different market
5 Extra material


  • The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe, Eisenstein:
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