Mass Production (Henry Ford)


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Mass Production (Henry Ford)
  1. Affordability
    1. $850 in 1914, $295 in 1926
      1. Ford led the way in credit hire purchase
      2. Standardisation
        1. every Model T Ford was black which saved money and made it easier to mass produce
          1. Only 1 type of engine
          2. Moving Assembly line
            1. 1913 - Ford factory Detroit
              1. 1 car every 10 mins
              2. 1920 - Ford factory Detroit
                1. 1 car every 10 secs
              3. Impact on the Economy
                1. benefitted those in rural areas - more accessibility
                  1. promoted road industry
                    1. Provided employment for over 5 million people
                      1. Car industry used 90% of US petrol, 80% of rubber and 75% of plateglas
                      2. Workforce
                        1. Henry Ford raised wages to $5 per hour
                          1. Reduced work day to 8 hours
                            1. Introduced 3 shift day
                              1. Philosophy of hard work because the workers wanted to work hard
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