Richard Nixon 1968-74

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Richard Nixon 1968-74
1 Political involvement before 1968
1.1 Campaigned for a seat in congress in 1946 - suggested his rival was communist.
1.1.1 Privately acknowledged that this was untrue. He claimed "I had to win.. that's the thing you don't understand. the most important thing is to win."
1.1.2 He later ran as a senate.
1.2 Was selected to be Eisenhower's running mate for both elections.
1.2.1 Eisenhower stated the people don't like him and so considered dropping him.
1.3 In 1960 he was defeated by JFK.
1.4 In 62 Nixon ran to be governor of California and was heavily defeated.
1.4.1 He very dramatically stated he was retiring from politics and " the media would no longer have Richard Nixon to kick about!" HE LIKED TO TALK IN THIRD PERSON... NORMAL...
2 Middle America
2.1 Resentful to those who didn't follow the rules.
2.2 Wanted all riots to stop.
2.3 1968- 86% of whites thought that African Americans were asking for too much too fast.
2.4 Many felt they were heavily taxed to give money to the undeserving poor.
2.5 Middle Americas children were drafted into the Vietnam war, while student protesters avoided the draft.
3 1968, he becomes president after defeating Herbert Humphrey
3.1 (Bobby Kennedy was shot).
3.2 Dreamed of bring the American people together.
3.2.1 His inauguration was the first to be tarnished by anti-war protesters.
3.3 Sex appeal- the nation loved the romance between Eisenhower's grandson and Nixon's daughter.
3.4 Problems facing Nixon
3.4.1 Divisions over the Vietnam war; demonstrations and violence. Nixon's wanted to achieve peace with honour in Vietnam. There was a massive federal deficit. Inflation was at 4.7% and a flood of imports endangered Americas trade.
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