Onlline World - Online Services and communication

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Onlline World - Online Services and communication
1 Online Services and communication
1.1 Online Advertising
1.1.1 Search Engine Results Page Companies register with search englines to get their site advertisied at the top of page when certain keywords are used
1.1.2 Banners and popups Adveritsement appear at the top of pages or open up in a new window. Usually Colourful and/or animated to grab attention
1.1.3 Email Marketing SPAM Junk email sent to multiple people who agreed to get emails (either terms of service or signed up for it) UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL Junk emails are sent to multiple people who have not agreed to them Used email to send advertisements to customers (potention & exsisting)
1.1.4 Pay Per Click When a user clicks on the advert they will bge redirected to that website, and the website who hosts it will get payed for every person who clicks on the advert AFFILIATE MODEL Two websites are involved
1.2 Online Documents
1.2.1 Compressing Files Algorisms are rules to deconstruct files into compressed versons and allow you to construct it again easier to move faster to download or upload
1.2.2 Advantages Multiple people can work on the document at the same time Many services have automatic backup Acessable from multiple devices
1.2.3 Disadvantages Needs internet connection Work can get stolen/hacked Can't acess it when the server is down Technology based on servers software
1.2.4 Control over online documents Version Control When someone is editing/updating a document it becomes locked to stop other people from trying to edit the same peice of information Levels of Acess Full Control Usually given to admins Can read, edit, add, delete or achive Read/Write Acess Can look, read and also edit Read-only Acess Can look and read a document but not edit it
1.3 Online Services
1.3.1 Communication Chatrooms MSN Email Blogging Facebook Tumblr Social Networking Skype Free most of the time Privacy Issues Talk to people from anywhere Spa,m Lag
1.3.2 Real-Time Information Weather Reports Travel News News updates BBC News Time tabl;es Checking Flights Sports Results Sky Sports Instant Up to date Needs Good internet speed Hard to register quick going information Lag
1.3.3 Commerce (Shopping) Auction Sites Ebay Banking Publishing Online shopping sites Amazon Can both buy and sell Easy to browse Quick to purchase Don't have to go out Identity theft Credid card details needed Long waiting time to get product Food Asda Paypal
1.3.4 Goverment Taxing Voting e-voting Applications applying for drivers licence Saves time filling out forms not available for everything Do it all from home
1.3.5 Education Online Learning BBC Bitesize Mymaths Examtime Online training Online tutorials Online Courses A Range of things in one place Only help is whats right there No Extra Help Don't have to leave the house Needs good internet speed
1.3.6 Virtual Learning Enviroment (VLE) Moodle Edmodo School or Collages may use a VLE for students to leave, acess, get or submit work Acessable Help anywhere If you can't acess the internet you can't acess the work You have to pay to use it Can be used by whole school Acess work and assignmnts from your own home
1.3.7 Buissiness Bussiness Network Collaborative working Video Confrences Price comparison Meetings Allows to research prices Work with multiple people from anywhere A lot of effort to set up Job interviews Competetors information up to date Information leaks
1.3.8 Entertainment Multi-user games Minecraft Radio TV Players BBC iplayer Netflix Video Streaming Youtube Interaction with others anywhere More Entertainment available Music Spotify Lag Takes up space to download
1.3.9 Download Services Games Steam Music Iplayer Programs Software Mediafile Normally cheaper products Quick and easy browsing Downloads can take a long time (especially with bad internet Viruses
1.4 Online Communication
1.4.1 Online Communities Reddit Netiquette Internet Etiquette 'rules' to prevent people causing annoyance or offense Includes Virtual worlds A group of people with similar likes/interests
1.4.2 Virtual Worlds Instant Messages A fake world created by the computer similating an eviroment for users to talk, play and explore World of Warcraft. Minecraft. Woozworld
1.4.3 Information Exchange Web Logs (Blogs)
1.4.4 Wikis
1.4.5 Chatrooms
1.4.6 Podcasts
1.4.7 Social Networking Sites
1.4.8 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
1.5 Cloud Computing
1.5.1 Online Software
1.5.2 Online Storage
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