Macbeth Context

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Macbeth Context
  1. When Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in 1606 James I had been King of England for three years.
    1. Shows powers
    2. Macbeth was first performed at Hampton Court Palace
      1. Revenge and tragedy
        1. Hatred
          1. One of Shakespeare's greatest
          2. True Love
            1. Wife persuaded him to kill King Duncan
              1. Calling him a coward
                1. Macbeth was thane of Cowdor
                  1. Revenge
                2. Witches
                  1. Seen as dangerous
                    1. Chanting, spells superstitous
                    2. Witchcraft
                      1. Elizabethan era
                        1. Queen Elizabeth
                    3. Malcom King Duncans son plans his revenge
                      1. When Macbeth kills Duncan
                        1. Malcom kills Macbeth
                          1. Becomes king
                          2. Also kills Banquo
                            1. Banquo is his best mate.
                              1. Wrote AFTER Queen Elizabeth Reigned,although he was a famous playwright during her era.
                                1. Macbeth was int the military.
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