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  1. Split in the Church
    1. Changes in the church
      1. 1500's
    2. Abuses in the Church
      1. PAINS
        1. 1. Pluralism
          1. 2. Absenteeism
            1. 3. Nepotism
              1. 4. Simony
                1. Bribery
                2. Appointing a family member
                3. Priest is absent from parish
                4. A priest has more than 1 parish
            2. Martin Luther
              1. Saxony
                1. Priest
                  1. Justification by Faith Alone
              2. Counter Reformation
                1. The Catholic response to the spread of Protestantism
                  1. 3 responses
                    1. 1. Council of Trent
                      1. 2. Jesuit Order
                        1. 3. Inquisition
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