Class and achievement (education)


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Class and achievement (education)
  1. Internal
    1. Taught Curriculum
      1. Subjects
        1. Mostly academic
          1. Gives advantage to middle class students
            1. Practical subjects have low status
        2. Marxists
          1. Under capitalism, schools designed to fail working class students
          2. Subcultures
            1. Could be caused by parenting
              1. Middle class are pro-school, working class anti-school
                1. caused by streaming
                2. Teacher labelling
                  1. known as interactionist labelling theory
                    1. Becker
                      1. 'ideal pupil' fitted middle class culture
                      2. Rist
                        1. Teacher looked at home background when setting by ability
                    2. External
                      1. Material Deprivation
                        1. Lacking physical resources
                          1. Poor diet - affects concentration
                            1. Cannot afford to live in catchment area of good schools
                              1. Douglas
                                1. Lack of a quiet place to study
                              2. Cultural Deprivation
                                1. Language
                                  1. Bernstein
                                    1. Working class have restricted speech code, middle class have elaborated speech code
                                      1. WC struggle to understand language on exam questions
                                  2. Toys
                                    1. Young
                                      1. Middle class parents buy educational toys
                                    2. Parents
                                      1. MC more likely to attend parents evening
                                      2. Working class values
                                        1. Sugerman - fatalistic, instant gratification
                                          1. Could trigger anti-school subcultures
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