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1 Maternal sensitivity Hypothesis
1.1 Places emphasis on the sensitivity of the mother. If the mother is not sensitive to the child it will be her fault if they do not form an attachment
3 Attachment types:
3.1 70% were type B: Secure. Showed separation anxiety and showed positive reunion behaviour
3.1.1 10% were type C: Resistant attachment. Showed severe separation anxiety and signs of intense distress. On reunion the child resists and pushes mother away. 20% were type A: Avoidant, Showed no separation anxiety, little stranger anxiety and showed little interest during reunion.
4 Strengths
4.1 Reliability - the test has been replicated many times and achieves similar results
4.2 Standardised test - with set timings and instructions
4.3 Carrying out the test can lead to early identification of problems
5 Limitations
5.1 Only measures attachment to Mother
5.2 Low ecological validity
5.3 Cultural Bias - developed in Western society so may place more emphasis on behaviour than other cultures.
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